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CEDCA aims to promote and support cultural activities, promote and support youth, promote human capital and help people with social and health problems, gifted children and low-income people. CEDCA’s activity consists in carrying out projects and actions aimed at supporting and protecting individuals, families, groups and communities with special needs and problems, in difficulty and at social risk. To this end, the Association implements counselling and mentoring programmes, runs awareness-raising campaigns, seminars, conferences and workshops aimed at helping members of marginalised groups to verbalise their needs, fears and ideas.

The Ferentari Association started its work in August 2020. So far, it has started five programmes that are still ongoing. Through PlayHood, children and young people in Ferentari benefit from free drama classes, workshops in video editing, audio production, creative writing, storytelling and, crucially, personalised mentoring activities. The project aims to develop basic skills such as reading, writing, critical thinking, along with digital education with applications in visual and performing arts and includes activities such as rehearsals, mentoring, readings, festive dinners and recreational activities. PlayHood is the successful initiative that has put Ferentari Association on the map of the most innovative NGOs in Bucharest. “First Home” supports three young adults who find themselves having to support themselves for the first time. “Meseria da pane” has supported the start of careers for five teenagers and young adults, who have graduated from professional specialisation courses and then benefited from the purchase of products necessary to carry out their respective trades. With the support of the Zi de Bine Association, in 2021 the Ferentari Studios were inaugurated – a space located 5 minutes walk from the ghettoes of Aleea Livezilor.

Norwegian artist Lise Wulff has extensive experience in collaborative art projects in the field of social responsibility and sustainability. In Romania she has been a partner in the DIALOG project, where she facilitated contemporary art workshops for 16 young people in Bucharest aged 15-19 from disadvantaged backgrounds with a real interest in photography and art. Young people are among the participants frequently involved in the activities at Ferentari Studios, about half of whom are Roma. Over the past 5 years, the artist has collaborated with renowned institutions such as the Munch Museum in Oslo, the Thyssen-Bornemiza Museum in Madrid and the Henie Onstad Arts Centre in Norway, and has exhibited work in numerous galleries.